Bed Bug Control in NJ for the holiday season

As a long time New Jersey Pest Control company, we have seen bed bugs grow from a small problem to a enormous problem for NJ Pest Control. Bed bugs are turning up everywhere such as homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants, stores and even airplanes making bed bug control a real issue to all individuals.  However, there are many things you can do to prevent picking up a bed bug and potentially infesting your home.

1. Travel Smart: inspect hotel room, keep luggage away from furniture. No matter how nice the hotel room may be always pull back the sheets to look for signs of bedbugs on the mattress and box spring. You should also inspect the headboard for any signs of bed bugs as well.

2. Don't bring bed bugs into your home:  Almost all bed bug exterminators will tell you that since bed bugs can easily travel from one room to another via common walls and ceilings, pipes, telephone and cable wires, doorways, etc. it is very easy to create an infestation throughout your entire home in very little time which will result in the need of professional bed bug services. 

3. Recognize the signs of a bed bug bite:  The first sign usually of having a bed bug control problem is a bite.  A bed bug bite will usually resemble the bite mark of a mosquito but typically come in clusters of at least three. In addition, bed bugs tend to bite in the areas of the body that are exposed while sleeping, like arms, the neck, face, back and shoulders.

4. Call professional bed bug exterminators in NJ:  The key word here is professional. While you're waiting for a professional NJ bed bug exterminator, do what you can at home, including steam cleaning furniture and mattresses along with vacuuming. Be sure to empty the vacuum cleaner outside the home. A licensed  NJ Pest Control company will perform a professional bed bug treatment so it would be advised to NOT use over-the-counter pesticides, which can make the problem worse. Bed bug control in NJ can be complicated when applying chemicals because bed bugs can sense the chemical and will flee from there current location which in turn will spread the infestation to other areas of the home.  There are chemical free bed bugs treatments available from licensed exterminators in NJ such as heat and steam bed bugs treatments so make sure you ask about all your options when calling a NJ pest control company for service.

5. Communication: As a NJ Pest Control company we understand it is very unpleasant and difficult to speak with others about having a bed bug control issue in your home, but communication is an important factor in preventing the continuous spread of bed bugs throughout New Jersey. 

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