flyThe average housefly carries 6 million bacteria on its body. In addition, the list of diseases they carry and spread include some of the worst killers of mankind; Typhoid, Cholera, Gangrene, Tuberculosis, Gonorrhea, Bubonic Plague, Leprosy, Diptheria, Scarlet Fever, and many others.

Majority of the time, a professional NJ pest control service is required to completly eliminate mutiple or large fly problems. Pest-Gone, LLC NJ Pest Control has the tools to effectively eliminate and prevent houseflies in your home or business with the highest regard of safety to you and your family. We will come out to your home or business and use the most suitable treatment based on your individual fly infestation and also take the time to show you how to prevent a fly infestation again.

Of the five most serious diseases in the world, flies, including mosquitoes, spread the organisms that are responsible for four: Malaria, sleeping sickness, Leishmaniasis and filariasis. They are also responsible for yellow fever, typhoid, and various diarrheal illnesses. In the United States, the toll of the worst afflictions-heart attacks, cancer and strokes-is annually numbered in the thousands; in the tropics, the dead and disabled from fly borne diseases are counted by the millions. In the United States flies are considered more annoying than dangerous; as recently as the turn of the 20th century malaria and typhoid were major health problems. 

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Please read below to learn more about flies:

Flies are one of the largest and most dynamic orders of insects. This vast order is characterized by having only one pair of wings. Most flies are also small, soft bodied; often two large eyes that cover the front of the head.

Flies can be divided into two groups; distinguishing differences center around the appearance of the larvae and adults. All dull gray flies about ¼ inch long found inside or even near structures will likely be called House flies. If the identification is incorrect, it probably is not far wrong.

Flies often tell the same story; they frequent garbage, dead animals and manure. Their larvae live in that material. To enter a house, they have flown inside through an open door or window, or they have moved from a dead bird or rodent in a wall.