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With bed bugs living primarily in nooks and crannies, you may have them in your home for months before you ever spot one of them. Once infested, bed bugs can literally take over each room in your entire home or business making bed bug extermination and bed bug removal services a much lengthier process. Don’t hesitate to call Pest-Gon, Inc. if you suspect you have bed bugs or an infestation.

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bedbugsBed bugs are flat, oval insects, with very short functionless forewings. The hindwings are absent. Their mouth parts are used for both piercing and sucking and are normally held under the body. They feed exclusively on blood.

The adult bed bugs are approximately 5mm long, reddish brown in colour, becoming purple after feeding. They have well developed antennae, prominent simple eyes and clawed feet which enables them to climb rough but not smooth surfaces.

The close association of bed bugs with human beings means that they can cause substantial nuisance through their blood feeding habits. They feed during the night on human hosts as they are sleeping.

Iron deficiency in infants has resulted from excessive feeding by bed bugs. The bite often gives rise to a hard, whitish swelling which distinguishes it from the flea bite, which leaves a dark red spot surrounded by a reddened area.

The nuisance and itching caused by the bites and the possibility of secondary infection is more common.

Bed bugs are not regarded as disease carriers, but their blood feeding can cause severe irritation in some people, resulting in loss of sleep, lack of energy and listlessness, particularly in children.

Different individuals react differently to bites, some gaining immunity.

In the modern world, many factors are helping to sustain existing bed bug populations. Modern building techniques and the increase use of central heating, wall to wall carpets, loft and cavity wall insulation allows continued feeding and proliferation during winter. In addition the movement of second hand furniture and books, which has increased with the introduction of car boot sales, and their distribution maintains population levels.