RoachDID YOU KNOW? The cockroach poses one of the greatest health hazards of all household and commercial pest in NJ. Millions of them live in our homes, restuarants, and hotels spreading diseases and even causing food posioning. Pest-Gone, LLC has over two decades of experience in roach control and roach extermination in NJ. We provide your home or business with effective and immediate roach extermination and roach control services. we pride ourselves in providing our customers with only the best pest control and roach removal service in NJ and will always make sure our customers our completly satisfied with our service. Pest-Gone, LLC uses the most eco-friendly roach control methods available and will keep your home or business free of cockroaches. We provide same day service and will customize a monthly maintenance program to prevent your NJ or home or business being infested with roaches again. All of our technicians are state licensed and experienced highly trained professionals providing all of our customers with superior pest control service. Let Pest-Gone, LLC pest control experts take care of your roach problem because even the cleanest home and businesses can become infested with cockroaches.

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Cockroaches are a nocturnal insect. They are primarily active at night, often seen scattering as you turn on a kitchen light. They remain hidden in dark secluded harborages during the daylight hours. If you see some during the day, it is a sure sign that a tremendous population exists. Cockroaches are scavengers with a wide choice of food. They thrive on the same food humans eat and pollute human food in process of feeding. Cockroaches carry disease organisms on the loins and bristles on its body, as well as the sticky pads on its feet. The ability of cockroaches to transmit diseases seems to be highly over-rated, but they are mechanically capable of spreading some disease organisms such as the dysentery bacteria. Roaches will defecate on food and transmit staphylococcus, streptococcus and E. Coli. bacteria, which are very much a health hazard to humans. Cockroaches are considered general feeders-just about anything organic can become their next meal. They are especially fond of any food crumbs that are left behind, so good basic housekeeping is one real deterrent. The American Cockroach is usually the one seen when people brag about some "huge" roach they spotted. It can reach a body length of around two inches, and occasionally more. It has a reddish-brown color. The American cockroach lives in city sewer systems, ship holds, basements, and commercial food preparation areas. Life Cycle The female lays an egg case, containing about 15 eggs, near a food source. They also need to be left in a warm, damp environment. One egg case can be produced every week. The eggs hatch in 32-58 days, and then go through up to thirteen instars. The life cycle is an average of 600 days, with most adults living well over a year. Some have lived for almost four years!