Bedbug Pretreatment Instructions

Take two big garbage bags, one for things to throw out and the other for things that are going to the laundry mat.
Pillows: if washable, wash them. We recommend throwing them out.

You now need to strip the room(s) in 3 categories:
1. What is being thrown out.
2. What is being washed.
3. What is being treated.

ALL bedding must be washed;  your bed spread, sheets, blankets. Wash couch cushions, all clothes inside closets and drawers must be washed. Take down curtains to be washed.
                         Remember you must wash in water at least 115 degrees or the bugs will survive.
* Sneakers and shoes need to be put in dryer. Anything from the bedroom and living room that can be washed with Lysol or bleach need to be taken outside and washed.

Leave drawers to dressers open for treatment.

*Take your mattress and box spring and stand them up long ways against the wall with the bottom of box spring facing out.
If box spring bottom is covered with cheesecloth, tear it off and throw it away.

Everything that is going to be thrown out needs to be put in thick garbage bags tied and then duct taped around top of bag.

* Vacuum all carpets, especially around the edges, including the cracks and crevices of couches and upholstered furniture!
* Take everything being thrown out right to the garbage and everything being washed directly to the laundry mat. Dry cleaning    usually doesn’t work but a good hot steam cleaning will.
* Throw away ALL stuffed animals. Great hiding place for Bed bugs.
* All face plates for switches; outlets; etc. need to be taken off.
* All baseboards in bedroom and living room need to be cleared to have proper access.

You will need to be out of the home for (4) hours after the treatment and for (6) hours if you have asthma or other
health related conditions. This applies to the elderly and small children as well.  Dogs and cats can be locked in a room that is NOT being treated.

** BIRDS must be removed from the home during the treatment and for six (6) hours after the treatment.
** FISH TANKS and Aerators must be turned off and covered during treatment and remain covered for the four (4) hour period after treatment has been completed.

*Remove all medications, toothbrushes, personal care products and place them into a plastic bag and close tightly, then place in a location where they will not impede access to bathroom. (Example – like in the bathtub).

YOU may notice an increase in pest activity for one week up to 10 days after treatment. If this occurs, do not be alarmed. This is a result of the treatment driving the pests out of their nesting areas. Depending on the level of infestation, follow-up treatment is always recommended.