Property Management

propertyWhether you manage or own property, the safety and comfort of your tenants is paramount.  Pest-Gone, LLC NJ Pest Control works with many of New Jersey’s property management companies helping create a pest-free environment for both tenants and employees.

Our licensed technicians understand the needs of our commercial and residential property management professionals. We recognize that pest infestations may pose health risks to tenants and employees and could result in the loss of tenants and revenue.  Our highly trained staff will help property managers troubleshoot and solve pest problems where others have failed. 

We can provide general maintenance programs and also work with tenants directly at your request.   

Protect your tenants & property!

Benefits of Our Property Management NJ Pest Control Service:

  • Regular scheduled services that are date and time specific.
  • Insect identification
  • Intelligent Solutions
  • Treating tenant requests for service.
  • Treating and inspecting building common areas.